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Karla Curry

Karla has been a part of the Occasions family since 2006, succeeding the original owner Jennie Hannah in 2012. Over the last 12 years, Karla has assisted with hundreds of events, and still continues to have a passion that helps produce excellent events for all our clients. Karla's background in Interior Design and Graphic Arts have made her a natural in the event industry, and a wonderful resource for our clients. Her favorite part of each event is seeing the joy on a clients face, whether it be a happy newlywed couple or another event planner, when it all comes together and knowing that she and Occasions got to help make their event amazing!

Her passion for rescue animals brought her three dogs (Alli, Tucker & Isabel) as well as her two ducks. Though she has a passion for traveling, she is also just as happy spending her days off in her backyard with kids, family, friends and all the animals. 

Favorite Menu Item: Grilled Flank Steak with Chimmichurri Sauce & the Mashtini Bar

Howard Curry

Howard studied Business Law at the University of Washington (Go Dawgs!), where he also played on the Men's Soccer Team. During his college years, he worked as a chef, and you will find him helping out in the Occasions Kitchen during the busy summer months. He enjoys creating not only our standard menus, but helping clients create custom menus (a testimate to his time as a custom home builder) to fulfill their overall event vision. Howard oversees the administrative aspects of the company, but also enjoys attending events as an on-site grill chef every now and then.

Howard is an avid sports fan, frequently donning orange and blue for his beloved Denver Broncos, or purple and gold for his UW Huskies. He is also a Seattle Sounders fan, and enjoys NHL Hockey.

Favorite Menu Items: Smoked Salmon Spread on Crostini & Chicken Dijion

Rose Banuelos-Rojas
Event Specialist

Rose started with Occasions in April 2022. Ever since planning her own wedding back in 2019 she has been eager to get into the industry. Her favorite part of events is seeing the couple she has gotten to know over the months of planning finally get to see their vision come to life. She loves all the things that make each couples’ day a unique experience and adores being a part of the team that makes those magical days come true!

In her spare time, Rose is usually found elbow deep in a home project with her husband. She is an avid traveler and is always looking for the next adventure. She also loves spending time with her two pet rabbits.  

Favorite Menu Items: Macaroni & Cougar Gold Cheese

Chocolate Mousse Parfait